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Which fisherman are you?

The storm raged for two days. The wind gusted furiously and thunderously as the ocean waves boiled and seethed, crashing endlessly upon the shore. For two days, intimidated by the power of the ocean, neither swimmers nor fishermen dared go into the water. But then finally, on the third day, the weather gods came to the rescue. As I walked out on to the patio of the beach house, the sun was inching up over the horizon, and the deepening blue sky held promise for a clear and sunny day ahead. As I looked out across the expanse of sand, I saw a lone fisherman walking along the shoreline throwing out his nets right from the water’s edge. As I watched, he pulled the nets back in, and from the distance, it looked like the catch was good. About twenty minutes later, he walked past my patio carrying at least three dozen large fish, hooked together and slung over his shoulders. “Buenos dias,” I smiled. “Great catch today”. “Oh si, senora,” he responded, a huge grin breaking his weather-beaten face. He stopped and explained. After a huge storm, many fish that normally swim in deep water wash up into the shallows. He’s been fishing these waters all his life, so he knows that if he rises at the crack of dawn immediately after a storm, he can catch more fish from the shore in an hour than he can sometimes catch in a day from his boat. I was impressed. “So why are you the only fisherman on the beach?” I asked. He shrugged his shoulders. “The others get depressed after such a big storm, they feel that the fishing is poor for several days, so they can’t be bothered to even get up and try. They see the storm as a difficulty, but I look at it differently. I see it as an opportunity.” “And look,” he said as he held up both his arms showing off his catch, “I’m right!”

So there’ve been a few storms in the business world over the last fifteen months, and some were bigger than others. But today is a new day, a new month, a new year. The sun is inching up over the horizon and there is promise for clear and sunny days ahead. Are you going to be the lone fisherman who sees and seizes the opportunities after the big storm, or will you wallow in misery and misfortune with those who cannot see beyond the harsh tornadoes and severe hurricanes? My new year’s wish for you is that you will choose to be the former.  I’d love to hear your perspectives.

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