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Productivity Tools For Leaders Video Series

Strategy #1

Get in the habit of writing things down.

Strategy #2

Prioritize by using a simple two-by-two matrix

Strategy #3

Always issue a four-column agenda for your meetings

Strategy #4

After a meeting, always issue “action minutes”, and kick it up a notch by making them “public”

Strategy #5

Assign three key roles in every meeting — chairperson, timekeeper and minute taker

Strategy #6

Use a “parking lot” to make your meetings more effective.

Strategy #7

To overcome procrastination, “go public”

Strategy #8

Use the Zeigarnik Effect to overcome procrastination

Strategy #9

Tackle unappealing tasks by scheduling them into 25-minute blocks.

Strategy #10

Avoid the “Squirrel syndrome” by designating Internet-free times.

Strategy #13

Kick the telephone and email auto-reaction

Strategy #16

The “salami technique” is a great tool for overcoming procrastination

Strategy #19

Use voice mail to amp up your efficiency

Strategy #22

Seek work-life blend instead of the myth of work-life balance

Strategy #11

To focus and block distractions, use an app!

Strategy #14

Automate information requests

Strategy #17

Block your schedule – in two specific ways

Strategy #20

Establish weekly one-on-one meetings with your direct reports

Strategy #12

Take ownership for controlling interruptions to your workday.

Strategy #15

Use voice recognition software

Strategy #18

Plan out your week using these five steps

Strategy #21

Improve your productivity by handling your email in blocks