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Motivating Employees Video Series

Strategy #1

First tip in the series: be flexible in the application of rules. Exercise judgement between red rules and blue rules.

Strategy #2

Cut out the red tape.  And if you can’t, buffer your people from bureaucracy.

Strategy #3

Consciously and deliberately plan for and organize fun.  Don’t expect it to just happen, because it won’t.  It has to be conscious effort.

Strategy #4

Praise is a powerful motivator, and there can never be too much … as long as it is S-S-I praise.

Strategy #5

Celebrate successes often, and for an extra oomph factor, make them unexpected.

Strategy #6

Make it a point to learn more about your employees than just their presence at work.

Strategy #7

When you share information and tell your employees “why”, they are invested as part of your team.

Strategy #8

Food is a very powerful employee motivator!

Strategy #9

Employee motivation 101: Say thank you!

Strategy #10

Don’t forget to thank those who support your employees on the home-front.

Strategy #11

Today’s strategy is deceptively simple – listen intently.  But it’s powerful!

Strategy #12

Employees appreciate being kept in the loop.  So facilitate lively and informative staff meetings.

Strategy #13

Have dress-up and dress-down days.

Strategy #14

The secret fun factor for motivating employees – play games!

Strategy #15

When you give your employees face time with customers, it is a huge motivator.

Strategy #16

When you set and articulate attainable goals with your staff, you’ll see the result as highly-engaged employees.

Strategy #17

When you are clear about the performance you desire, you set your employees up to succeed.

Strategy #18

As a leader, it’s up to you to create a shared vision, so that your team members can see the big picture and have a sense of purpose about what they do.

Strategy #19

Delegating to employees can be a very powerful motivator, but only if it’s done correctly in three specific aspects.

Strategy #20

Giving your employees timely performance feedback is a very powerful motivator.

Strategy #21

It isn’t good enough to give your employees timely performance feedback. If you want it to be a powerful motivator, you need for it to be constructive as well.

Strategy #22

When you provide a safe and comfortable working environment, you are creating a positive working space that improves staff performance and job satisfaction.

Strategy #23

When you volunteer together, you encourage teamwork, increase job satisfaction and morale, and even improve productivity and performance.

Strategy #24

Allowing and encouraging employees to decorate and personalize their workspace can be a great morale booster .

Strategy #25

Creating a stress-free zone in your workplace is a morale booster in any organization, but even more so in fast-paced work environments such as call centres, trading floors and the like.

Strategy #26

Saying thank you in writing is a powerful morale booster, particularly because it is fairly uncommon.

Strategy #27

Let your employees represent your organization at an external event.  If they’re not usually customer-facing, this is a powerful way to boost morale.

Strategy #28

One of the most powerful ways to create engaged employees is to let your employees know that you value them by investing in them.  So organize a team-building and learning day.

Strategy #29

Find ways for your people to demonstrate their skills and talents to others who can also help them achieve their career goals.

Strategy #30

When you let your employees telecommute, even occasionally, not only will you get greater engagement, but also increased productivity.

Strategy #31

Let your people attend at least one training event (of their choice) annually. It shows that you value them.

Strategy #32

Create a workplace that is free from bullying or harassment. This is absolutely fundamental to gaining employee commitment.

Strategy #33

Plan periodic office parties.  When employees casually and informally bond with one other, it leads to better working relationships.