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Developing Your Employees Video Series

Strategy #1

Not much of a surprise! When you invest in training and professional development for your people, it tells them that you value them.

Strategy #2

Ask about and support your employees’ career aspirations.

Strategy #3

As a leader, you are a role model. So set an example as a continuous learner.

Strategy #4

When you admit your mistakes, you show employees that vulnerability is a sign of strength, you create a learning environment.

Strategy #5

If your employees don’t know what your goals and intentions are for the long-term, then they will not be in any position to help you get there.

Strategy #6

If you want to grow and develop your staff, get them to train others.

Strategy #7

Advance employee development by asking more and answering less.

Strategy #8

Find opportunities to showcase your people’s strengths.

Strategy #9

Make it safe for your people to make mistakes.

Strategy #10

Five tips to offer specific constructive feedback so that your employees can grow and develop.

Strategy #11

Schedule regular one-on-one conversations with your staff.

Strategy #12

Jointly create a tailored plan for professional development and learning.

Strategy #13

Set up a formal mentoring program.

Strategy #14

Establish, monitor and publicize performance metrics.

Strategy #15

Set your people up to succeed by giving them the tools and resources they need.

Strategy #16

Implement a tuition reimbursement program.

Strategy #17

When you allow your people to struggle, you actually help them grow.

Strategy #18

Normalize failure and systematize how you learn from it.

Strategy #19

Increase employee engagement by celebrating and sharing small wins.

Strategy #20

“Learn at Lunch” sessions can be a great way to create a culture that values employee training.

Strategy #21

If you are going to grow and develop your staff, then they need to be financially literate; they need to know about the dollars and cents.

Strategy #22

Include your high-potential employees in your hiring efforts.

Strategy #23

Be deliberate about praising and acknowledging your staff for their good work.

Strategy #24

Promote and support mental and physical health initiatives for your people.

Strategy #25

Deliberately find ways so that your employees can interact and build relationships with your clients.