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To motivate employees, flex those hours

clockEarlier this week, I started an occasional series of posts that focuses on zero-cost and inexpensive ways to create a positive and motivating work environment.  Saying thank you was first on the list (and that means saying it, not just thinking it).  Not far behind in terms of value for what it costs (nothing), is flexible work schedules.  When you give your employees latitude in determining their work schedules and the flexibility to take time to attend to family or personal issues (such as banking errands or doctor’s appointments), you take giant steps in building trusting and mature relationships with your staff.  As long as the employee deserves this privilege and doesn’t abuse it, flex time is a perk that offers the most gain with the least pain.

Now having said that, I am well aware that some jobs don’t permit flex time.  Nevertheless, even in those situations, find ways to offer flexibility to your employees for taking time off for personal issues — perhaps an arrangement between co-workers where they cover off for one another could be a suitable compromise.

Well, so far I have offered two ideas.  What are some of yours?  Please add to the Comments below.

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