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The horrible boss is a micro-manager

Continuing in our revived series on the characteristics of the boss from hell, here is one more trait common to the horrible boss -– s/he micro-manages you!

A micro-manager makes a horrible boss!

horrible boss

The “micro-manager” horrible boss gets involved in the minutiae of your job and re-does everything you do.  He questions your every move and never lets you complete anything on your own.  Working for a micro-manager is not only maddening, it’s wearisome and demoralizing.  It demonstrates lack of trust, and causes you to question your ability to make decisions.

Which is, by the way, exactly what the horrible boss wants.  If you are unable to make decisions and feel the need to get approval for every small task, then to the micro-manager, it feels like he is in control.   And, oh yeah, let’s not forget, if the outcome of any decision is not up to scratch, then it will undeniably be because you gave him bad information.  Either way, it’s a difficult place to spend your work day.

Truth is, if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of a similar situation, then you know exactly how unpleasant it is.  Yet, if the number of responses I have received on this subject are any indication, then the micro-manager boss is alive and well in workplaces across North America.  Which is a pity.  Because when you stop micro-managing, you show your people that you trust them, and not only is that a huge motivator to employees, but it generally leads to a much more positive working environment.

Are you a micro-manager?  By default, you’re probably also a horrible boss!

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