Success Strategies for the Introverted Leader “Quiet” CAN win the day!

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Introverts are generally quieter, more reserved, and less likely to speak up until they’ve had adequate time to think things through. Unfortunately, in a world that frequently associates outspokenness with leadership, it means that introverts are often misjudged, or even worse, undervalued for their leadership skills. If this describes you, then it’s time to take control and change this erroneous perception. If you’re an introvert who wants to maximize your leadership effectiveness, it’s up to you to help people understand not only what you believe, but what you’re thinking. You can’t afford to come across as unenthusiastic or uninvolved; you’ll only sabotage yourself if others question your ability to lead. The good news is that you don’t have to become an extrovert in order to be a powerful leader. Introverts bring strong leadership abilities to the table; but you have to know how to showcase and use your strengths to their best advantage. And this is exactly where Merge can help! Sure, she’s an extrovert herself, but she’s been privileged to work with hundreds of exceptional introverted leaders in her leadership consulting practice, and she’s distilled their critical success factors into this powerful online program. In this fast-paced content-rich online learning program, you’ll learn how to make the most of your natural traits to be recognized as a competent, capable and collaborative leader who knows how to get things done. In one power-packed hour, you’ll learn how to capitalize on your strengths and avoid the pitfalls. You owe it to yourself to maximize your leadership potential!

Here's What You'll Learn

  • How introverts are different from extroverts (and why it matters)
  • Five key strengths that you should highlight (instead of hide)
  • Five common pitfalls that come with introversion and concrete actions you can take to avoid them
  • What extroverts want and need from you
  • Practical tips to set yourself up for continued career growth (without changing your intrinsic personality)

Plus Even More:

  • Two question periods during the program that cover some of the most common real-life questions asked by leaders just like you. A leader herself for over 14 years at one of the world’s most recognized corporations, Merge offers real-world expert advice that comes from first-hand experience.
  • A short note-taking outline that you can use to capture your key takeaways from this program. The link to download and print will be provided after purchase.

Running time: approximately 60 minutes
Format: online video