Overcoming Negativity in the Workplace

Negative people are everywhere … including your workplace! The problem is that when negativity goes unchecked, team morale slips, productivity suffers, and people stop working well together. Which means that you need to take action now. In just one content-rich hour, you will get a variety of tools to turn the tide of negativity around before it spreads too far.

Negative people … they never have anything good to say about anything or anyone. They languish around the office. They are victims in a world that is conspiring against them. And they’re always the first to point out why something won’t work. Worst of all, their sour attitudes bring the rest of the workplace down. Unfortunately, when work pressures and changes create feelings of uncertainty, negativity surfaces and the rumor mill runs rampant. But beware! If you leave negativity unchecked, then team morale slips, productivity suffers, and people stop working well together.

If you know any negative people and have struggled to work with them, manage them, or live with them, then Merge can help! In one power-packed hour, she’ll lay it out for you – in clear detail and easy-to-follow steps – who they are, why they are the way they are, and perhaps most importantly, what you can do about it.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Twelve proven and practical tips for dealing with negativity in others
  • Exactly how to respond to the five most common negativity types – Can’t-Do Kathryn, Resigned Robert, Gossiping Gertie, Sensitive Sam, and Know-It-All Nancy
  • How negative people come in two categories – A List and B List – and why you need different approaches to cope with each
  • The six common tactics used by negative people, and how to overcome them
  • Three insightful ways to make sure that you don’t get sucked into the negativity vortex
  • The five definitive steps of what to say to a negative person to get the acceptable positive behavior you desire
  • Specific techniques for handling both negative co-workers and negative employees
  • Why negativity is so prevalent in workplaces today, and why, if unchecked, it can destroy morale and productivity

Plus even more:

  • A quick-fire Q&A session covering some of the most common real-life questions asked by leaders just like you.  A leader herself for over 14 years at one of the world’s most recognized corporations, Merge offers real-world expert advice that comes from first-hand experience.
  • A short note-taking outline that you can use to capture your key takeaways from this program.  The link to download and print will be provided after purchase.

Turn the tide of negativity

If you know that there’s negativity brewing in your team, then you need to take action … fast!  You owe it to yourself to get the knowledge and skills to put things right.  And you can … in just one hour.  But you have to make a decision to take control … or watch while things go from bad to worse!

Running time: approximately 60 minutes
Format: downloadable MP3