Giving leaders capability and confidence in a supportive and confidential manner

Giving leaders capability and confidence in a supportive and confidential manner

Sometimes being in a leadership role feels like you're caught between a rock and a hard place!  Your managers have increasing demands of you – greater productivity, improved customer service, and stronger leadership.  Your staff have unrelenting questions and problems – process bottlenecks, escalating workloads, and interpersonal conflicts.  And all the while, your time and resources dwindle.  You know you're capable of getting things done; after all you have a proven track record that speaks for itself!  But, things just aren’t falling into place the way they normally do!  At times like these, all you really need is a shot in the arm – someone to stand by your side and support you as you assess specific issues and determine your options and consequences.  This is exactly where Merge can help!


What Our Clients are Saying

“My management team raves about Merge — she effortlessly reconciles theory with practical experience while making her timeless leadership messages real and memorable.”

Director, Corporate Services
Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Industry Canada


Whether it's listening in a supportive and confidential manner, suggesting alternate perspectives that you may not have considered, offering tried and proven approaches to handling common management problems, or just being a trustworthy sounding board, Merge can boost your confidence and motivate you to take positive and productive action.  But be prepared.  If you enter into a one-on-one mentoring relationship with Merge, she will expect you to take full ownership of your responsibilities and will hold you accountable to commitments that you make.

Keep in mind that one-on-one mentoring is meant to be a short-term structured relationship with a defined process of interaction and accountability for a period of anywhere from three to six months.  It is intended to give you encouraging and confidential support, with the ultimate objective of getting you back to your natural poise and self-reliance.

If you're not sure whether one-on-one mentoring will be helpful to you, read this Mentoring case study to get a better idea of Merge's approach.

If you want to discuss a possible one-on-one mentoring relationship, please contact us.  We will set up a preliminary consultation meeting between you and Merge so that you can jointly determine whether this relationship will be of value.

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