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Multi-generational workforce? My new book WILL help!

Today is THE DAY!  The day that my new book Generations Exposed: Unexpected Insights Into the People You Work With officially launches.  If you’re leading a team of employees that range in age anywhere from 20 to 70, then this book WILL help you navigate in a multi-generational workplace.  It ‘s been written and designed as an easy-to-use reference guide, illustrated to help you find information quickly so that you can compare and contrast, in a single glance, the differences among the four generations — Traditionalists, Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials — in the workplace.  As a leader, your job is to capitalize on the potential that every person — whether a colleague, your boss, or your employee — brings to the work relationship, and I know that this book will arm you with the data and wisdom to do just that.  To view some sample pages or purchase the book, please visit our website by clicking on the link below, or on the photo of the book above.

Generations Exposed: Unexpected Insights Into the People You Work With

We’ve been all-abuzz about the book launch for the past few weeks both here in our office as well as at various events I’ve spoken at, and last night, boxes and boxes of books were delivered.  Later today I know we’ll be working (overtime) to fulfill all the pre-publication orders but I just wanted to take a moment to pause and celebrate and say thank you.

Writing a book is not a journey one travels alone; rather it’s a group road-trip filled with lots of excitement (and a few setbacks).  Along the way, there were many milestones passed as well as obstacles overcome, and I am grateful to the people in my work and personal life who helped pave the way.  There are too many to name, but you know who you are, so thank you!

And for those of you who’ll shortly be receiving your previously placed orders, please stop by and tell me what you think.

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