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Why are so many managers useless as leaders?

Update as of October 6: This article has officially “gone viral”.  To date, it has garnered over 30,000 views, over 24,000 “direct” shares, and comments and re-tweets numbering in the hundreds if not thousands.  Clearly it struck a chord with many people – I am obviously aware that this is an issue that concerns many; this is why I strive to start a dialogue on this subject in the first place.  But I am still always taken aback (and very gratified) when one of my columns gets such an overwhelming reaction.  Thank you everyone for taking the time to participate in the conversation — the more we talk about topics such as these, the more likely we are to create workplaces that are positive and productive.

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My newest column in The Globe & Mail‘s Leadership Lab series just launched into cyberspace this morning!

“Why are so many managers useless as leaders?”

addresses the unfortunate fact that there are a great number of people in managerial and supervisory positions in organizations who really have no business being in charge of people. It’s a topic that comes up often in my leadership development practice so I suspect it may have crossed your mind once or twice as well 🙂

I am always gratified when my columns in The Globe stimulate conversations both online and around water coolers in organizations across the country. It means that the topic is on people’s minds, and more dialogue always leads to greater understanding. Every time we talk about a difficult subject, we take a giant steps closer to more positive and productive workplaces!

As always, I want to hear what you think! The column should take you no more than a few minutes to read; I hope you’ll find it relevant and thought-provoking. Add your viewpoint to The Globe‘s website, or if you wish, drop me an email or send me a tweet (@mergespeaks). And please help me get the word out … pass the link along to your staff and colleagues. I’d love their perspectives as well! And if you happen not to agree with me, please join in the discussion. Dissenting viewpoints are what move us forward!

I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Here is a direct link to the article in case you need to cut and paste it elsewhere:

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