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Leverage difficult situations into opportunities

AirplaneTakeOffDid you know that airplanes take off against the wind? It seems counterintuitive … you  would expect that it would be easier if the wind were coming from behind the aircraft, giving it a push. Yet in reality, it is easier for a pilot to take off when flying towards a full-force gale, rather than with it. The explanation comes from Newton’s Third Law of Physics … you remember, the one about how every action generates an equal and opposite reaction. When a plane thrusts into the wind, the fast air bearing down on the plane generates an upward force on the wings which helps lift the aircraft, thus allowing the plane to take off in a shorter distance.

Cool huh? Worth considering when everything at work seems to be going against you. Think about it for a moment … when setbacks occur, don’t you push back with an energy that allows you to lift up and above the difficulty? Sure you do! So make it more of a deliberate and conscious effort. Next time you’re faced with a problem or issue, ask yourself: what can I do to turn the negative force into an upward lift?

I would love to hear about how you’ve turned a headwind into a lifting boost. Or not! Please share online by leaving a comment below.

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