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Increase employee engagement by celebrating and sharing small wins

Today’s instalment is #19 in our ongoing series on practical ideas to develop and grow your employees.   And in this one, I look specifically at one powerful way to increase employee engagement.  It is to make it a point to celebrate and share small wins with the team and others.

Celebrate and share small wins

The reality is that while big successes are often recognized and discussed, the small victories tend to fly under the radar.  Which is a huge missed opportunity for you, the leader, to create employee engagement.  So make it a point to surface these smaller accomplishments, and not only will you increase employee engagement, but development and motivation as well.

In a previous strategy in this series (#18), I talked about using your staff meetings to review and analyze one thing that didn’t go as well as expected as a way to systematize learning from failure.  This approach for sharing small wins is similar, but it focuses on successes instead.

Systematize celebrating small wins in your staff meetings

For every staff meeting you hold, establish a permanent agenda item called “Wins” or “Successes”.  And then make it a point to share and celebrate exactly that.  One of the best ways to do this is to hold a round-table.  Go around the room, and ask each team member to share one success or win they’ve had since the last meeting.  This is a fantastic way to surface things that individual team members are proud of, but often get missed in the day-to-day management of big issues and crises.

When you take this small step to systematize celebrating small wins, you will take a giant leap forward in employee engagement.  And as a result, create further employee development and growth.

So tell me, are you already doing something like this at your regular staff meetings?  This is a tool that I’ve shared with many clients, and it has resulted in great success, so I’d like to hear about your experiences, good or bad.  Please add your thoughts by commenting below.

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