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Flexibility can be the source of power, particularly in pressure situations

Liquids take on the shape of whatever container you pour them into.  When you think about it, this fluidity and flexibility is a remarkable characteristic – it means that no matter what kind of bowl or pitcher or pouch is used, liquids have this amazing ability to adapt, conform and integrate.  And when these liquids are under pressure, it is this very attribute that makes them the source of power in hydraulic systems (used in many applications including vehicle brakes, landing gears in airplanes and raising mechanisms in heavy equipment).

What if people were the same way?  What if they were able to adjust, change and fit into whatever situation or condition they found themselves in?  Could they too become a source of immense power capable of stopping cars, landing planes, or moving earth (or at least accomplishments of the same caliber)?  Possible? 

But wait!  It IS possible.  People CAN take on the physical characteristics of liquids if they need to.  People CAN adjust, change and fit into different situations, sometimes even under the most challenging circumstances.  In fact, sometimes it’s the pressure that brings out the latent strength within them.

So … can you be a liquid if the situation warrants it?  Leaders, are you modeling this type of flexibility and strength for your employees?  Are you coaching them to develop this skill?  Please share by adding to the Comments below.

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