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Difficult conversations – how to make your message stick

Whether it’s addressing an employee’s tardiness, confronting a backstabbing peer, breaking bad news to the boss, or even having the dreaded “body odour” chat, these conversations are anything but easy.  In fact, if you’re like most people, you probably lose sleep for several nights just thinking about it, and the very notion of having these discussions causes you to break out in a cold sweat!  Difficult conversations are just that – difficult – yet if you want to maintain a positive and productive workplace (and your sanity), then you must find a direct and respectful way to bring up these issues so that they result in the desired outcome, and don’t deteriorate into anger, resentment or hard feelings.  This short video offers one powerful tip to make the process more successful.

If you’d like the Top Ten report I refer to in this video, either click this link: or go to the URL on the screen at the end of the video.  Plus, let me know if your difficult conversation subject was on the Top Ten List, or did you have a doozy that is different?

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