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Curiosity is a key leadership skill

If you have a furry feline companion in your house, then you know how curious cats are.  They investigate every nook and cranny using all their senses – sight, sound, smell, hearing and touch.  They squeeze into tiny and seemingly-impossible spaces to explore every inch of their territory.  Whether it’s a misplaced toy, an overlooked morsel of food, or just an extra spot to catnap, they prowl for opportunity.  They go over old ground repeatedly, each time as if it were new again.

And so should you!  You are no doubt an authority in your business or area of expertise, but never lose your sense of inquisitiveness about what you already know so well.  Constantly look at your product or service with fresh eyes as if you were exploring it for the very first time.  Delve into long-forgotten corners and take on what appears to be unachievable.  Always seek out ways to fill your customers’ or internal clients’ shifting needs and look for ways to innovate within and outside your existing constraints and parameters.  Monitor what your clients or customers are complaining about as those often represent points of opportunity.  Maybe they grumble that it takes too long to get orders filled or perhaps they criticize your warranty process.  If you’ve heard complaints about lengthy wait-times or gripes about the lack of acceptable choices, then it may just be time to pay closer attention.  No matter what it is, take a second (and a third or fourth) look.  Curiosity never killed a cat; in fact, cats thrive on it.  And so will you and your business!

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