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Absolutely fundamental to gaining employee commitment: a workplace that is free of bullying and harassment

So far, in our ongoing series on specific actions leaders can take to gain employee commitment, I’ve shared a variety of ideas that range from basic to the unexpected.  Today’s strategy however falls under “absolutely fundamental”.  It is to provide a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment.  Not fancy or exotic, but unequivocally essential.  And when you do it right, the result is solid employee commitment!

Provide a workplace that is free from bullying and harassment

All employees have the right to be in a safe workplace that is free from violence, harassment and bullying.  Not only is it the right thing to do from an ethical perspective, but it is also required by law.  And it’s your job as a leader to make it so.

Creating and maintaining a harassment-free workplace takes perseverance, and good leadership practices can help create a respectful workplace.  So make the effort to provide clear direction on roles, tasks and expectations to avoid misunderstandings.  Take a leadership role and proactively deal with issues that are deteriorating into conflict.  Be a role model for respectful workplace behaviour.  And when you see bullying or harassment occur, act promptly to address it before it turns into something larger.

If you need additional specific help, we have a resource …

If you’re looking for some additional help on this subject, then this online learning program – Don’t Back Down: Dealing with bullies in the workplace – may be exactly what you need.  It covers what to watch for, what to do, and what to say – to create a respectful work environment where you, your co-workers and your employees want to work and excel.  At the end of the day, when your people feel valued and respected at work, the ultimate outcome is genuine employee commitment.

This employee motivator is so fundamental that it often doesn’t get talked about.  So I’m curious to hear about your perspectives.  Have you had to deal with bullying and harassment at work, either at the receiving end, or as a leader who has to deal with a complaint?  Please share your experiences, in particular, its impact on employee commitment and morale.

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