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Poorly written emails will sabotage your success

Earlier this month, I penned a couple of posts about things people do that sabotage the effectiveness of their emails – specifically, not getting your subject line right, and sending email that is “Just FYI”.  Given some of the interest it generated, I thought it would be worth covering some more in the next few blog posts.

HandsKeyboardPoorly written emails will hurt you, and hinder your career success.  This one is so obvious that I can’t believe I have to say it … but I do.  Mainly because so many people don’t!  Check your email for correct spelling, punctuation and grammar before you hit “Send”.  Yes, I know it’s only email, but the honest unvarnished truth is that other people are constantly making judgements about you.  About your credibility, about your reliability, even about your intelligence.  And whether you like it or not, whether you know it or not, people make judgements about you based on the quality of your writing.  They do.  So if your email is sloppily written, then guess what immediate assumption they’re making about you?  For the few moments it takes to write full sentences and quickly proofread, don’t jeopardize your credibility in the eyes of others by sending out poorly written emails.

It’s just email, isn’t it?  Does it really require the same high level of writing skill as a formal letter?  You know my opinion, but what about yours?  Do you agree or disagree?


  • Hi Merge,

    I completely agree with this article. As a leader, I cannot emphasize enough the importance of email etiquette and the image it creates not only for the sender but the Company as well. I am glad you shared a piece of my mind!


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